Coaching Packages   
Adventurers Coaching Classes: 
    Via Conference Call

Attraction for Cimbers 
    FREE TeleClass (on the phone)              
    Thursdays at noon Eastern
    This class will Introduce you to the practical aspects of the 28 Principles of Attraction 
                and Introduce you to using the 28 Attraction Principles to reach your Mountain Top.
     Register by email.               FREE

The Business of Attraction:  
     Thursdays at Noon Eastern --    Register by email.
     6 - 1 hour Classes per Module                        per module  $119
     For a list of Class Topics, click here.
Foundations of Church Leadership™
    Tuesdays -- at Noon.                   per month   $99
    More info coming soon...

Trailblazers - Coaching Groups:

    In the Mountain View Coaching Studio:

Get the amazing coaching Advantage with a minimal investment, join a Coaching Group!
    2 hrs  $49 / week plus check-in’s    12 Week Commitment          $196 per month
    TUES Mornings   9:30 - 11:00 am                                       5 spaces available

    TUES Evenings   7:15 - 9:15 pm                                         Full

    Wednesday Afternoons 1:00 - 2:30 pm                               3 spaces available
    Thursday Mornings  9:00-11:00  am                                    5 spaces available
    or Afternoons  4:00-6:00 pm

Business or Personal Development (“Life”) Coaching:

We’ll get right to it and together empower you to step up and stand out.  This package includes back up support in the form of: e-mail, IM, text messaging and on-line access to support materials.  Three month suggested commitment.

    Four 50 min. conversations / month.                                $400
    First time Inquirers session                                                $85                           

Climber Personality Inventory - Print™ Survey

Gain powerful awareness of who you are and how you function best.  Take the Print™ personality assessment on-line and receive a customized analysis that will show you a unique inner portrait of your patterns and themes; motivations and capabilities; likes and dislikes, and nagging Triggers.

    Print™ Survey plus Coaching Session and Debrief             $200
    Print™ Survey and Trigger Report                                       $250
        plus Coaching Session and Debrief

Add to a monthly package:                   for both reports     $99 

Coaches Playing to Win - Mentor Coaching

As a Certified CoachVille Mentor Coach and ICF Professional Certified Coach, I will help you add to and fine tune your current coaching skills in order to meet the requirements for formal certification. We will also identify strenghts to give you more confidence in coaching.
Mentor Coaching
    10 Individual Sessions, Summit Coaching Curriculum         $1079
         Delivered over 3 months to meet ICF Requirements.

    Group Mentor Coaching                                                         $779 
        Includes 7 Group and 3 Individual Sessions over 3 months 
        Meets ICF Requirements.  Minimum 3 coaches to a group.

Observation, 30 min.Verbal Debrief and Recommendations     $149
of a Live Session or an Individual Audio Recording which You Provide.*               
Recordings must be within the last 6 months and be 30-60 min.

Observation and Verbal Debrief of a Live Session or an Individual 
Audio Recording, Written Critique, and Score *                         $199                                                               

Are you a CoachVille Practicum Student from my classes? 
For CV Students: 

Observation of a Life or Taped Session and Verbal Debrief *     $99                                   

Observation of a Life or Taped Session, Written Critique, Score, 
and Oral Review *                                                                      $149

Individual Mentor Sessions for CV Students                               $75

*Pending qualifying scores, letters of recommendation for certification are included.

Office Hours by Appointment

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Jessie C. Hipolit

ICF Professional Certified Coach

CoachVille™ Certified Coach

Certified Mentor Coach, Retreat Leader



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