“Get the most of of your game. Just like any coach in sports, a coach can’t give you more talent than you come to them with but they can help you reach down within yourself to pull out the best to enable you to get the most out of your game.  That is what Jessie has done for me.”
~ Tom Pollard, Entrepreneur
Custom Brass Ornaments

"Working with Jessie was not only a pleasure but also just what I needed to grow my business.  Being able to clarify new ideas and rework old ones in a confidential situation prior to taking them public was perfect for me and my business.  Having a coach really helps you keep your business on track.”
~ Diane Wright, Custom Beaded Jewelry

“Jessie’s style is collaborative, empowering, and non-judgmental, and she really does offer fresh perspectives and new ideas, as well as draw my own knowledge and insight out of me.  Her training shows in the professionalism and structure she brings to a session, yet she tunes into me as a unique person and tailors her work to me, and understands the interconnections between personal and professional aspects of my life. She can be a very quick study and come to the heart of a matter in a minute – it’s amazing!  It is obvious that on top of her years of training and experience, she has a natural gift and passion for what she does.”
~ Steve Corlett, Expert Accouting Services

"Jessie Hipolit is a gifted coach who had the skills long before she got professionally certified. She has presence of mind, is truly focused on you and has the refined skills to help you precisely. She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions or morph you into what you really need to be focused on -- given your goals; yet it never feels hard, because she is knows how to coach in a gentle and soothing way. The benefit is, she will help you change your life, literally. She is definitely my coach!"
~ John M. ~ Livingston, NJ

“Working with Jessie has given me the tools and insights to stay focused on my goals for myself, my family and my business.”
~ Harold Behar, Marketing Solutions

“Among Jessie’s many skills, her ability to listen stands out.  She plays back what you’ve said to her and once you hear it come back it opens more doors worth exploring.  She is creative in helping you to pull out real thoughts and feelings from deep within.  She is bold, yet patient at the same time.  She’s a great Coach.”  
~ Nicole Butler, Smart Car Sales  Mercedes Benz of Pittsburgh 

"You made me feel better about the path I wanted to choose and that during our interview session, you were patient, encouraging and insightful. I learned quite a lot in an hour or so. My life has led me down a slightly different path, but in the end, I am still able to be creative and receive payment for it. The number one result of my brief session with you was the confidence to follow my heart. I believe that you have the ability to make people successful by that alone."
~ Jessie R. ~ Pittsburgh, PA

“Meeting with Jessie is a great experience.  She helped me re-focus on my goals and made me more aware of my obstacles and helped me overcome them. I'm currently off to my best year in sales.  I highly recommend every sales professional meet with Jessie at least one time.”
~ Brett Mercuri, Sales, Clear Channel Radio

After just one session with Coach Jessie I felt much more focused in my professional life as well as my personal life
~ R.J. Vighetti, Account Representative, IN Community Magazines

So often we do not take the time to reflect and examine ourselves from the inside out and the importance of life itself.  We lose sight of the journey because we are so involved in the immediate road ahead.  Thank you for helping me focus on the journey. 
~ Stuart Fox, Business and Personal Insurance

Jessie is a great listener.  Her style allows you to dissect what it is you do, to talk about strengths and weaknesses and then formulate a plan to reach the goals and objectives you set for yourself.
~ Toni Ranalli, Bulldog Office Products, Inc. Pitttsburgh, PA


"This call was pretty incredible. Identifying the disconnect was brilliant on your part. I LOVE coaching with you. Did I pick the right coach, or what? I kind of dreaded mentor coaching, resented having to do it, spending the money for it, and thought it would be just about how to coach – not so much about me. Right now, I’m feeling really grateful to you for this conversation in particular and how you are leading me out of the dark and into the light. Thank you. "
~  Jane H. ~ Atlanta, Georgia

"Finding a mentor coach that truly inspires is not an easy thing to do. I’ve spoken with several and Jessie is among the few that can light me and create a sizzle. She has an uncanny ability to link seemingly unrelated things, even said in passing, together in a way that reveals the feelings behind my thinking. At times it highlights an obstacle and at other times it uncovers hidden sources of energy and potential. I was a good coach and now, with Jessie’s insights and guidance, I am a great coach."
~ Lorraine S. ~ Scarsdale, NY

I have known Jessie for about 2 years.  I have heard her coach and been coached by her.  She is someone that you immediately want to get to know.  There just is something about her that makes you feel special just because you are near her.  She is an efficient and effective coach with direct, yet passionate style that has allowed me the room to grow and explore who I am in a safe place.  She knows the proper questions to ask that gets results and to get underneath the real issues.  She is a very strong person who also has a vulnerable side which helps make her the great coach that she is.  I would definitely recommend her as a coach and I am honored to work with her and her colleague.
~ Deborah White, The Time Balance Coach, A Matter of Balance, Peoria, IL

I had the pleasure of having Jessie Hipolit as the PCC in one of my Coaching Practicums. She has this phenomenal way of creating a safe coaching environment and giving accurate critique in a positive way. She comes across as very authentic and with a genuine interest in bringing out the best in every coach. And she did in me - which resulted in my best Practicum score so far! (I have one left)
~ Nina Mioen, Life Balance Coach, Houston, TX

Thanks, Jessie, for the guidance, support and “extra mile” effort given during my practicum participations at Coachville.   Practicums can be highly challenging episodes on the path to coaching certification.   Your experience and skills made the Practicum journey for me both educational and enjoyable.
~ Robert Scanlan, Transitions Coach, Los Angeles, CA

Jessie has an extraordinary skill for creating an expectation, followed with clear feedback & great sensitivity.  I feel blessed to have her as a Facilitator and Mentor in building my coaching business and developing strength and confidence in my process. 

Jessie, You are awesome! I truly enjoy your style and energy. You have an extraordinary skill for creating an expectation, followed by clear feedback with great sensitivity. I feel blessed to have you as a facilitator and mentor in building my coaching business and developing strength and confidence in my process. Mahalo nui loa, c"
~ Cynthia Blake Rivers, MSN, RN, RYT, Professional Coach, Yoga Therapy, TheLastDietCoach— Cynthia B. ~ Kailua, Hawaii

"Jessie is a very compassionate and effective mentor coach. Her true gift is her willingness to tell the truth in a way so that coach can hear it, learn from it and apply it to show up as the coach."
~ Tiffany Norris. ~ Chicago, IL

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