Why Mountain View Coaching?

Because of Who You Are.

If you are a Small Business Owner or a Church Leader, I want to work with you!  Coaching allows you to tap into your inherent greatness as well as the natural capabilities you possess for the purpose of producing awesome and fulfilling results.  The richness, strength and passion in each of us, often hidden, just waiting for the opportunity to be encouraged, expressed and supported, is what the Coach lives for.  I want to help you reach your summit!  We start by defining fulfillment for you, and together we work to create a winning plan exclusively for you that will propel you to Top of Your Mountain, enjoying the view, and the process, all along the way.  

Because Perspective is Everything.

It’s amazing what the view looks like from the top of a mountain.  Having a Coach helps you to gain perspective you may not otherwise obtain.
The dictionary says perspective gives us a “true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion.”  Perspective also gives us that all-important sense of well being that is not just a good feeling, but that is anchored in reality and helps us to take our next steps more confidently.  A fresh perspective allows you to clarify what is most important, what is possible, what is limiting you, what is most helpful, what is true, and what comes next.  

Coaching is one of many ways to navigate intentionally through your life, and learn to live more in integrity with who God made you to be -- full of many gifts, passions, and possibilities!  

Because It Takes a Lot of Energy to Climb Your Own Mountain.

Think of your own mountain as a symbol of all the things about life that matter most to you combined with a vision of who, what, where you want to be.  For most people, that mountain lies looming in the distance, forever there, but somehow just out of reach.  Occasionally you may take deliberate steps in the right direction, but then find yourself off track, wanting to retreat back to the comforts of base camp; for the security it brings.  Let’s face it, the view from there isn’t all that bad.

Coaching, on the other hand, is for adventurers who are curious and courageous enough to leave the status quo and reach for the limits of all that they can become. It does take a lot of energy to climb your mountain; it also takes vision, intention, skill, inspiration, collaboration and well, friends in high places!  But if you’re up for the challenge; together, we’ll set a strategic plan and identity the right pace.  I’ll help you to stay on track and keep you inspired during your climb.  It will be challenging and fun; remember, the higher you climb, the more amazing the view.

Because a Fresh Perspective = Brand New Possibilities.

How would your life be different if you were enjoying your greatness vs. ignoring or avoiding it? 
How’s your climb going so far?  Are you going ‘round and ‘round the same mountain, doing the same things over and over but expecting different results?  Coaching makes the climb easier, more fun, more purposeful, and more successful.

Let your light of greatness shine from the mountain tops! Mountain View Coaching will help you to Step Up and Stand Out in spite of your doubts, fears and limitations.
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