Who is Coach Jessie and What Makes Her So Special for YOU?

Just Like You
I am a regular person, just like you.  I have great points and growing edges.  The important thing for you to know, is that I am playing bigger and reaching higher all the time.  I know the up’s and down’s, the fears and the thrills.  I have a big game I am playing and I have been specifically and well trained to help you play bigger and climb higher too.  We all have gifts, that’s mine.  Just so you can have full confidence in me and know I did not hang my “Coach” sign out yesterday, I have included a few reasons below to show you why you can trust that I know what I am doing.

First of all, I am a truly safe person. I am very familiar with the downsides of human nature and I have a big faith that says we were all born and equipped for greatness.  This allows me to be non-judgmental, confidential, and caring, while not settling for less than what is possible.  As a visionary, I hear on a deep intuitive level and see the context and steps that others don’t see.  For a higher view and a fresh perspective, Mountain View Coaching is the right place to be!  I look forward to our time together climbing your Mountain.  Wait until you see the view!

Who are you?  What do you like to do?  What are your gifts and talents?  What are you experienced in?  What are you best at doing?  What have you accomplished so far?  What are the wins you are most proud of?  Let’s find out!  Call me for a Complimentary Exploration Session!  412-429-9287
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Business Woman
My local chapter of the Business Network Institute (BNI), in Mt. Lebanon keeps me on my toes!   I am the Network Education Coordinator on the current leadership team.  I am a member of my local ICF Chapter, the Pittsburgh Coaches Association, and WSBA, Women’s Small Business Association, and the Chatham Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship, where I participated in their Fast Trac® Small Business Startup course.  

Certified Coach
I hold several important coaching credentials demonstrating my commitment to study and valuable coaching experience. Committed to excellence in my profession, I earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in 2007, through the International Coach Federation (ICF), the only globally recognized, independent coach credentialing board.  You can count on me to uphold the ICF Code of Ethics in my coaching engagements, and structure my approach to coaching using the ICF Core Competencies.  In addition to my clients across the U.S., I have worked with clients internationally in England, Scotland, Canada and Sweden.

Beginning my coach training in 2001 with Thomas Leonard, the founder of CoachVille™, who is widely considered the father of modern day life coaching, I completed both the School of Coaching and Graduate School of Coaching, and received the certified CoachVille Certified Coach (CVCC) and  CoachVille Certified Mentor Coach (CVMC) designation.  Serving 2 years as a volunteer on the CoachVille Member Services Team and Leading the Attraction Study Group for almost 4 years gave me a good handle on the problems coaches have and the Irresistible 28 Principles of Attraction that can anyone in their personal and professional development.

The Print Survey is the instrument I use to give the client greater insight into strengths, frameworks, motivations, trigger points and blind spots. I am trained and certified to administer this useful personality assessment.  It has taught me more about myself than any of the other assessments out there. Worth the investment.  Read more about the Print Survey™, and see if you want to take it to increase your self awareness.  We then plan a debriefing call to unpack the results and identify strategies to leverage your character strenghts and reduce the impact of the flip side that tend to show up in the least opportune times for all of us.

Mentor Coach 
A natural mentor all my life, I currently teach the Coaching Practicum class at CoachVille for coaches wanting to obtain certification by ICF standards. See the current CoachVille curriculum to sign upfor a coach-mentor Practicum at CoachVille.  I addition, I partnered with Nancy James to create a coach training program, Coaches Playing to Win,™ the International Coach Federation Coach Mentoring and Training Course for skill development and credentialing in coaching excellence.  See my Products and Events for more information on Mentor Coaching.

Correctional and Spiritual Counseling
Trained in both correctional and youth counseling at the University of Cincinnati, I have an extensive background working with people helping them to find perspective, direction and inspiration in order to live more fully.  

My spiritual interests led to extensive personal study in spiritual development.  Completing the 2 year Reflective Pastoral Training and Care program through the Lazarus Center I continued on to become an instructor.  Getting help for my own troubled marriage was an important step in my personal and professional development.  With the help of the Lazarus Center, my Family Systems Counselor, my own coach, and others, I was able to turn my marriage around and have enjoyed 9 years of romance and fulfillment that I previously scoffed at. I followed up my own success with 3 years of additional training in Family Systems training which has given me more perspective to pass on to my clients. 

Completing numerous courses in counseling, healing, Reike, group facilitation, prayer, biblical studies, retreating, ministry, and self care over the years gives me a wealth of knowledge and self awareness as well as a very big tool kit to bring to my clients.

Spiritual Leader
A spiritual leader and mentor all my life, I have acquired wide ranging experience with lay leadership in the Episcopal Church as well as a number of other spiritual communities.  Having a gift for hospitality and a passion for gathering people, especially for coaching and prayer, I have organized and led, as well as participated in many events including: bible studies, prayer groups, healing ministries, Vacation Bible School, children’s ministries, youth and adult folk choirs, children’s chapel music,evangelism teams, women’s fellowship, Cursillo, a mission trip to Africa, and custom designed women’s retreats. I continue to host a weekly prayer group in my home which began over 15 years ago. 
Currently serving on the Commission on Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, I lend my coach training to help men and women discern how to best use their gifts to serve others. I am a member of The Order of the Daughters of the King, an international holy order in the Episcopal Church pledged to prayer, service and evangelism.  I am a trained instructor and facilitator for the Episcopal Fresh Start Curriculum which hosts workshops around the diocese to bring awareness, teaching, healing and community.

Retreat Leader
Although trained in outdoor leadership and wilderness safety and leader for outdoor events for , 

Reflective retreating is my first love  -- meaning retreating to me is synonymous with spiritual reflection.  I love the outdoors and find nature to be fascinating, refreshing, inspiring and a perfect conduit for connecting with the creator and with oneself. Just retreating into the woods or mountains or beach, can be a spritual exercise all by itself. Retreating is an important tool for spiritual growth, but also for self care. Fresh air, sunshine, a brisk walk in the woods, quiet - which is getting harder to find, but so important, and alone time, is important to our physical health as well as our sense of well-being.  Having designed and lead many unique retreats that invite exploration and integration with nature and modern coaching topics, I have seen people get just the insight or awareness they need to make a significant decision or change that would have seemed far off before the retreat.  Nature is a supportive environment, inviting spiritual openness and connection.  On my retreats Christian spirituality topics are explored in the appropriate contexts and a fresh perspective is always my goal.  Please visit Natural Reflections Retreats website for more information on retreating.

Wife and Mother
I am blessed to be a wife to Kevin, my fantastic husband of 35 years, and a Mother to our 3 amazing young adult daughters, who are the greatest people on earth.  We have 2 furry pets, a prolific raspberry patch, and a yummy vegetable garden. 

A lifelong learner, voracious for a Fresh Perspective, I learn the most from other people, nature, study, and prayer. I enjoy hostessing, good conversation, coaching, praying with others, and gathering peoiple for a noble purpose.  I also enjoy exploring nature, Venture Outdoors, reading, music, home decorating, canasta, walking, Pilates, yoga, kayaking, and expressing my passion for God and the Church in everything I do.  

I long to hear what sets your heart strings vibrating!

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